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Get All of the Exhaust Fans, Flues, and More That You Need

At FM HVAC Sales, we only work with quality, trusted HVAC equipment manufacturers. Read below to see a list of the outstanding manufacturers we do business with.


PennBarry is a manufacturer of high-quality exhaust fans and heat recovery units. They feature both commercial and industrial products for your convenience.

American Warming and Ventilating

AWV provides architectural and mechanical louvers and dampers for customers around the nation. A louver goes into a wall and allows air to flow in and out of a building.


Metal-Fab offers a wide variety of products that allow you to control airflow. This includes boiler flues, as well as engine and fume exhausts.


AeroSonics has all of the various sound control products that you need. Some examples include sound attenuators and insulation, as well as acoustical enclosures.


SEMCO has the best lead times in the industry, so you can get your products manufactured and shipped out to you quickly. They carry acoustical HVAC plenums that come with a 12-year warranty.


TECO-Westinghouse carries a wide selection of variable frequency drives, which control motor speed. Take advantage of these impressive and durable products.


Ebac carries dehumidifiers and other products that take water moisture out of the air. Check out their merchandise to find everything you're looking for.

Tuttle & Bailey

Tuttle & Bailey offers various products that help distribute air throughout a room. These items are typically placed in the ceiling and include grilles, registers, and diffusers.


CaptiveAire specializes in kitchen ventilation products, including stainless steel kitchen hoods and make-up air units. There is a wide selection of different units to choose from.

Chicago Blower

Chicago Blower manufactures adjustable-pitch vain axial fans with changeable settings. This product is a powerful fan that supplies air throughout large buildings and other structures.

Air Balance Inc.

Air Balance Inc. provides exceptional fire and smoke dampers, as well as control dampers. Make sure that you're working with the best products on the market.

Warren Technology

Warren Technology specializes in electric duct heaters. Learn more about their products to find exactly what you need.